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black-bean-burritos-2 recipe

Date:    Thu, 10 Nov 94 11:36:53 CST
 From:    Tyrrell Courtney (tyrrellc@admin.stedwards.edu)
 Subject: Black Bean Veggie Burritos (t)
 I promised that I'd remember to bring this.  Our student worker gave me 
 the recipe, and it needed very little modification to be ff, so in her 
 honor, here are:
 Rhonda's Black Bean Veggie Burritos
 1	Green or red pepper, seeded and chopped
 1 	Onion (I used red) chopped
 1-4	Garlic Cloves minced
 1 	Jalapeno pepper (optional)
 2 cans	Black beans, drained
 1 can	Corn kernals (the vacuum packed type), drained
 1 can	Tomato paste (the small kind)
 1-2	Tablespoons soy sauce
 	Cumin, Thyme, Cayenne pepper (to taste, I used about
 	1 tsp. each.
 Saute vegetables in balsamic vinegar with the spices until soft and onion 
 is clear.  Add rest of the ingredients, stir up and cook till warm.
 (I used a 12 in. nonstick skillet and it was full to the top!)
 Should be thick, not liquid.
 Spoon into ff flour tortillas , roll up, and bake for 10-15 minutes.
 I had some steamed kale left over and rolled it up with the filling
 interesting addition, I liked it!  I also added some ff soyakass 
 jalepeno "cheese"
 Warning!  This makes a lot!  I ate 2 each evening for 5 days, and still 
 had filling left over to freeze.  It freezes well.  Also, when cold, 
 I just microwaved for 2-3 minutes (with a damp paper towel to keep
 the tortillas from getting tough), and that worked fine, too.  I did 
 not use a jalepeno in my version, just personal taste.  Obviously, I
 liked them a lot to eat so many days in a row, but they were easy to
 fix!  Hope you all like 'em.  Yum!--
 kwvegan vegan