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tvp-loaf recipe

Date:    Mon, 12 Jul 93 17:21:52 PDT
 From:    Peter_Brooks (pb@hpocia.sj.hp.com)
 1-1/2 cup (dry) TVP
 11.5 fluid oz boiling water
 1/4 cup dehydrated onion: optional  (Green, or even standard yellow
 onion would work here, too.)
 2 medium carrots: optional
 6 oz mushroom (approx 2cup): optional
 2 oz (~2/3cup) oatmeal
 2 cup cooked white beans: optional
 2 eggs worth of egg white, Scramblers, or other binder.
 1 cup pureed tomato
 Herbs and spices:  I used some fresh basil, (dried) garlic, parsley,
 paprika, black pepper.  You can add some (1/2tsp) if you insist; my
 other ingredients had plenty of salt...
 Set up oven to 350 degrees (this is the Q-O recommendation: I have a
 convection oven and the translation is tricky.  Also, I undercooked nine a 
 Rehydrate the TVP [and dried onion, if you're using any] with the boiling water
 Set aside 10 minutes or so.
 Coarsely grate the two carrots.
 Reserve 4 pretty mushrooms for garnish and slice the rest.
 Puree the tomatoes.  (I *thought* I bought a can of tomato puree, but I
 got Romas somehow.  Well, that's one reason I own a mini-food processor...)
 Combine all but the garnish mushrooms and mix well.
 Load into a loaf pan.  This batch filled a 5 x 9(?) loaf pan almost to the
 brim.  Insert the garnish mushrooms.  I tried adding some nutritional yeast
 on top as a garnish, then realized it was far too much.  Next time, I'll
 add a litt nut-yeast to about 6 oz tomato and try it as a sauce.
 Bake circa 1 hour at 350.  A knife should come out clean and the top will
 be nicely browned.
 This turned out better than I expected.  I've had carrot-dosed meatloaf
 back in my SAD days, but the addition of the mushroom and beans
 really worked.  (It didn't hurt that I needed a bunch of calories
 last night.)  I'm tempted to try zucchini instead of the mushroom 
 in the near future.  
 kwovo ovo