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swiss-veggie-steak recipe

Date:    Thu, 20 Oct 94 09:14:11 CDT
 From:    wallis@oxygen.aps1.anl.gov (David Wallis)
 This dish was really easy to make, and tasted good. The gravy is rich
 and thick, and fat free! I served this with real mashed potatos, corn,
 green beans, and baking powder biscuits. The recipe is easy to
 increase to any size. Just allow 1 or 2 patties per person, and layer
 in the pan with the musrooms and onions.
 2        veggie burger patties. Your choice, but I used the Morningstar
          Farms fatfree veggie burgers - I like to see the veggies in
 1/2      onion, sliced, and the slices cut in half and broken apart
 1/4 lb.  fresh mushrooms, washed and sliced
 2 Tbsp   flour
 1 cup    water
 1 tsp    Kitchen Bouquet
 dash     Liquid Smoke
 Place veggie burgers in bottom of a glass baking dish (frozen burgers
 are fine). Cover patties with sliced onions and mushrooms. Mix the
 flour and water until all lumps are gone. Add Kitchen Bouquet and
 Liquid Smoke, salt and pepper. Pour gravy over the top, cover with lid
 or aluminum foil. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Check
 occaisionally, and add water if necessary. Gravy can be served over
 the top of the meat, or poured into a gravy dish and spooned over
 mashed potatos, etc., too.
 kwvegan vegan