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seitan-pasta recipe

Date: Mon, 23 Jun 97 14:12:00 edt
From: "Siegel, Roslyn" (Rossieg@nki.rfmh.org)

Seitan with pasta

This is a fantastic,easy and quick dish for all "no-fat"
loyalists. You need to buy a package of "White Wave" seitan at the
health store. This is a WHEAT product and totally fat-free. And one of
the best items around.  I've used this recipe over and over again and
anyone trying it for the first time asks for doggy-bags as they leave.

One pkg seitan, thinly sliced
3-4 onions, chopped
sliced fresh mushrooms
scallions optional
red or green pepper (or both) sliced
soy sauce
Pkg pasta ( I use Udon preferably but any kind will do, and vary amt
according to taste.)

In large wok or pan saute in soy sauce (dilute with some water or
amino acids if necessary) the onions, seitan and other vegetables
until wilted.  In separate pan boil and drain pasta according to
directions on pkg. Put pasta into wok and thoroughly mix and you've
got one of the best dishes ever!! Enjoy.

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