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seitan recipe

Date:    Thu, 11 Nov 93 12:52:25 PST
 From:    scarney@cln.etc.bc.ca (Sean Carney)
 So here's a way to make *seitan* or gluten as I've known it before that is
 really surprisingly tender and not too labor intensive. We serve this at
 our lifestyle reconditioning center and it is very popular.
 Notice the secret ingredient.
 4 c. Instant gluten flour
 1/2 c. W.W. Flour
 1/2 c. Unbleached white flour
 1/2 c. Minute tapioca (secret ingredient; tell everyone!)
 4T nutritional yeast
 3T Chicken Style Seasoning
 3T Garlic powder (whew, pucker up!)
 1/4 c. Soy Sauce
 3 1/4 c. cold water
 Mix all dry ingredients and add all once to the liquid ingredients.
 Mix quickly and knead. Shape into two rolls. put in plastic bags and freeze.
 They will now be ready for use at a later date. When you want to use them
 allow them to thaw a little so you can slice, dice, chop, drop or whatever!
 Cook the gluten in this broth:
 8 c. Water
 1 Large Onion cut in large pieces
 Fresh garlic (amount depends on preference and what you are doing later
 that day)
 1/2 c. Soy sauce
 4 T Nutritional yeast
 3 T Chicken style seasoning
 Bring broth to a boil and add gluten, more water can be used if you want
 more broth for a stew etc...
 From there the sky is the limit.
 Adapted From the Country Kitchen Collection Cookbook available from Family
 Health Publications.
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