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mock-goose recipe

Date:    Thu, 13 May 93 16:28:22 +0700
 From:    Malc (scomgm@thor.cf.ac.uk)
                         "MOCK GOOSE"
 Serve with some sort of "gravy" or apple sauce.
 6 ozs of yet more split red lentils            1/2 pint of water
 1 tblsp lemon juice                optional :  1/2 oz low fat spread
 For the "stuffing"
 1 large onion, chopped
 2 ozs wholewheat/meal fresh breadcrumbs 
 1.5 tsps dried sage or 3 tsps fresh
 Cook lentils until all the water has been absorbed.
 Add lemon juice and season if required.
 Set oven to Gas 6/200C/400F
 Meanwhile, to make the "stuffing", saute the onion in a little water or veg
 stock for about 10 mins. then add it to the breadcrumbs and the sage. Mix well.
 In a non-stick ovenproof dish, make a layer of HALF the lentils. Spread the
 "stuffing" on top , and then top that off with the remaining lentils.
 Dot the top with the 1/2 oz of spread if you wish and pop into the oven until
 the top is crisp + golden.
 serve with steamed new potatoes and a steamed green vegetable.
 kwvegan vegan