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jerked-seitan recipe

Date:    Sun, 26 Sep 93 12:18:11 PDT
 From:    rfelix@netcom.com (Robbie Felix)
 I prepared the last box of "seitan mix" I had on hand. The only
 variation was that I added about 1/4 cup of vegetarian "fake chicken"
 stock powder to the water ( which I will always do in the future, the
 seitan was awesome!).
 Next: Slice the seitan as thin as you can get it. Marinate overnight
 in jerk sauce. I bought mine at Whole Foods for 5.59 and then went to
 Trader Joe's and saw theirs at 1.99 ( needless to say, guess where to
 get yours :-)) I just "layered" the seitan, poured some jerk sauce
 over, another layer of seitan, etc,etc.. I used a tupperware-type
 container that sealed well. I turned it over several times in a 24
 hour period ( everytime I went snooping through the refridgerator)
 I put it in a shallow pan, covered with foil, baked for thirty minutes
 at 350. Took the foil off, *broiled* for about 15 minutes, turning frequently.
 If you like very spicy food, yopu will like this.
 For those of you who descibed seitan as bland and boring, here is the
 recipe for you!!!!
 kwvegan vegan