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irish-garden recipe

Date:    Thu, 10 Mar 94 17:13:43 PST
 From:    Lisa Corsetti (lisa@zeppelin.llnl.gov)
 	Irish Garden
 	1 large chopped onion
 	1 large chopped bell pepper
 	3 medium cubed potatoes
 	4 lowfat veggie burgers or TVP chunks soaked in tariyaki/water mix
 	1 small bottle A1 sauce
         Tariyaki sauce
 	Saute onions peppers and potatoes in water and tariyaki sauce
 	mixture until potatoes begin to soften.  Add water as needed
 	to keep things from sticking.  Crumble veggie burgers into
 	chunks and add to mixture.  Or, if using TVP chunks, add them.
 	Next add the bottle of A1 and simmer all ingredients until
 	veggies are done.  Serves 4+.
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