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lunch-pack-spaghetti recipe

Date:    Tue, 04 Oct 94 13:46:48 PDT
 From:    vmh@intellicorp.com
 This seemed to simple, but I like it so much (as I am
 munching along):
 6 oz of corn spaghetti (wheat free, I get them from the HFS). Cook.
 2-4 Tbs. minced Parsley
 2-3 Tbs  minced fresh Chives
 1 pkg of frozen leaf spinach
 salt (spinach generally requires you to use a bit more salt. I used
       quite a bit.)
 Pile into plastic lunch container. Nuke for 5 minutes. Mix. 
 Nuke again for a minute or two, if spinach is not cooked enough.
 kwvegan vegan