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spinach-lasagna recipe

Date:    Thu, 03 Aug 1995 20:21:54 PDT
 From:    dktrart@azstarnet.com (Dr. Art Lipski)
 Speedy Spinach Lasagna (Great 1-Dish Meal)
 1           pkg.     spaghetti sauce mix
 1            can     tomato paste (6 oz.)
 1            can     tomato sauce (8 oz.)
 1 3/4      cup     cold water
 2    "eggs"        Egg substitutes (e.g., Egg Beaters--Fat Free)
 1    container    Fat Free Ricotta cheese (15 oz) (e.g., Frigo Truly Lite)
 1/2         tsp.     salt
 1            pkg     frozen chopped spinach (10 oz.), thawed and drained
 1/2         lb.       sliced mozzarella cheese--Fat Free (e.g., Healthy Choice)
 1/2         lb.       UNcooked lasagna noodled, broken in half
 Empty spaghetti sauce mix into saucepan, add tomato paste, tomato sauce and
 water.  Heat, stirring until well blended.  Remove from heat.  Beat Egg
 substitutes in a large bowl and add Ricotta cheese, spinach, salt and 1/4
 cup Parmesan cheese.  Lightly grease (cooking oil spray, 1 second) bottom of
 13x9x2-inch baking dish; cover with a little sauce.  Layer noodles, half of
 the cheese-spinach mixture, half of the mozzarella cheese, and half of the
 tomato sauce.  Repeat layers, ending with tomato sauce.  Sprinkle with 1/4
 cup Parmesan cheese.  Cover dish with a lightly greased (cooking oil spray,
 1/2 second) sheet of aluminum foil and bake in preheated 350 degree oven for
 60 minutes or until noodles are tender.  Let stand 10 minutes before cutting
 into squares and serving.
 Serves 8.
 % Calories from Fat = 3%
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