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sukiyaki recipe

Date:    Sat, 09 Jul 94 04:53:54 EDT
 From:    dp661@cleveland.freenet.edu (Dr. Neal Pinckney)
 I love sukiyaki, the Japanese dinner of vegetables, noodles and 
 thinly sliced b**f. I knew there had to be an acceptable VLF/Vegan
 modification, and I've been experimenting with different
 combinations. This recipe is the result. I've used a 15 oz.
 can of Sukiyaki no Tomo (the bamboo shoots, mung bean thread 
 and mushrooms that traditionally are in sukiyaki), but the 
 individual items could easily be used to prepare the dish.
 I paid 99 cents for the can of Tomo, so the cost savings of
 using separate ingredients would be slight.
 Quick VLF Vegan Sukiyaki   (T)  
 1 15 oz can sukiyaki no tomo (drained, 8.8 oz)
 1 10.6 oz package Mori-Nu Lite tofu (or any low fat tofu)
 1 C green onions, cut into 2" (5 cm) lengths
 1 C celery, cut diagonally into 3/4" (2 cm) pieces
 1 C chinese cabbage, bok choy, or green cabbage
 1/4 C salt-reduced shoyu / soy sauce / tamari
 2 T mirin or sake
 1/2 C sugar (if using mirin, reduce to 1/3 C)
 In a large non-stick pan, saute green onions and celery in 
 soy sauce and mirin. Add cabbage and when getting limp, add all 
 other ingredients. Cook about 3 minutes. Don't overcook!  
 Serve with brown rice. Serves 2.
 Any green vegetables can be added to this dish. For best
 results, nuke or steam them about 90% done before adding, then
 gently stir them into the sukiyaki for the last 3 minutes. 
 Per serving: kCalories 248, Fat 2.4 g.(8% CFF), Carbohydrate
 44.8 g., Protein 4.7 g.  Dietary fiber 3 g.  
 kwvegan vegan