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nori-maki-2 recipe

Date: Sun, 06 Aug 1995 02:12:18 -0700
 From: Michelle Dick (artemis@shell1.best.com)
 Based on Shizuo Tsuji's _Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art_
 3 1/3 cups short grain rice
 4 cups water
 3 inch piece kombu
 5 T plus 1 t rice vinegar
 5 T sugar
 4 t salt
 Put rice in non-stick pot or rice cooker with 4 cups water and kombu.
 Let boil for 5 minutes.  Turn down heat to very low and cook till all
 water is absorbed (appx 15 mintues).  Then turn off heat and keep
 covered for another 15 mintues.
 When rice is almost finished in the above, mix vinegar, sugar, and
 salt in small saucepan and heat.  Stir till all sugare is
 dissolved. Then quickly cook the mixture by placing in a small metal
 bowl that sits in a cold water bath.
 Spread rice out in large baking pan (or similar large container).
 Using a flat paddle, toss the rice (carefully so as not to break
 noodles).  Fan the rice to cool it quickly and sprinkle on the vinegar
 mixture as you do this (having two people to do this helps).
 Rice should end up slightly sticky whole grains with a glossy sheen
 and very slight sweet-sour taste.
 3 cups water
 2 t salt
 1 package dried gourd strips (kampyo), appx 1.7 oz
 1 2/3 cups dashi (kombu stock -- water OK)
 4 T soy sauce
 1 t sugar
 Mix water and salt in small pot and bring to boil.  Add kampyo and
 boil for a couple minutes.  Then rinse and drain the kampyo.
 Bring dashi, soy sauce, and sugar to a boil.  Add softened kampyo and
 cook for half an hour till most of the liquid is absorbed.  Drain and
 cool kampyo and use as nori maki filling
 10 large fresh shiitake mushrooms
 1/2 cup dashi
 3 T soy sauce
 1 T sugar
 1 T mirin
 Remove stems and slice caps into 1/8 inch slices. Rinse caps to make
 sure there is no dirt clinging to them.
 Bring remaining ingredients to boil and add mushrooms.  Lower to
 simmer and cook for 15-20 minutes or until all liquid is absorbed.
 Use as nori maki filling.
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