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koshian recipe

Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 08:35:29 -0800
From: Aiko Pinkoski (aiko@mil.emc.com)

Koshian  (yield: 230g)

1cup adzuki beans (Dainagon is the preferred type... don't ask me why/what!)
2 cups sugar       
1/4tsp salt

Wash beans well.  Simmer with 4 cups water about 40-50minutes.  Add water
if needed to keep the beans covered.  When you can squash a bean easily 
between your fingers, drain the beans and mash them.  In a mesh basket
(preferably bamboo :-) over a large bowl, strain the bean mixture in 
batches by pushing through the mesh under running water (the idea is to 
leave the bean skins in the basket).

Put the liquid you strained into a linen/cotton bag (a jelly bag seems like
it will work... says about 25cmx25cm or 12"x12"), and squeeze out the 
water with your hands by twisting the bag.  

Have a large bowl of water, and knead the bag in the water (this is to
get the bitterness out) changing the water several times.  Squeeze the 
water out at the end as much as possible.

Add an equal amount of sugar into a saucepan with the bean paste from the
bag.  Mix with a wooden spoon and knead over low heat (careful not to burn it).
Add salt and mix to desired "stiffness".
Another variation, instead of just adding sugar, make a sugar syrup first
with an equal amount (weight) of sugar, 40% water, and 1% salt.  Then 
add the bean paste and mix well over low heat.

White "an" can be made the same way using white beans.  Change the water
during the inital boing 2-3 times to make sure the beans stay white.
Also, very important in the last step not to start burning!

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