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vegetable-curry-rice recipe

Date: Fri, 19 May 1995 21:17:22 -1000 (HST)
 From: Neal Pinckney (neal@pixi.com)
 I've come up with a new recipe that requires no pots or pans other 
 than the one in which rice is cooked. (Here in Hawai'i, a kitchen 
 without an automatic rice cooker is almost unknown.) The rice is 
 flavored in the cooking water and the vegetables are steamed along 
 with the rice. Adding a small amount of fruit juice to the cooking 
 water gives a taste as if some fruit chutney has been added in. The 
 whole thing requires minimum time for preparation and, if your rice 
 cooker has a non-stick liner, the clean-up takes only a few seconds. 
 One-Pot Quick Vegetable Curry Rice  (T)  
 3 C brown rice (uncooked)
 1 C tomato juice
 1 C cranberry juice cocktail (or other sweet fruit juice)
 4 C water
 5 T dried chopped onions
 3   cloves garlic, crushed (or 1 t minced no-oil bottled garlic) 
 3 T cilantro, chopped (called `Chinese Parsley' in Hawai'i)
 1/2 C raisins
 1 T tumeric
 3 T curry powder
 2 t ginger powder
 2 T sugar
 1 T coconut flavor (artifici
 1 C green vegetables, chopped 
     (broccoli, eggplant, peas, beans and/or zucchini, etc.)
 Rinse rice. Place all ingredients except vegetables in rice cooker. 
 When rice 2/3 cooked (or when liquid is absorbed by rice - usually
 about 15 to 20 minutes) place chopped vegetables on top of rice and 
 let steam for 30 minutes (they will cook even when the "rice cooking" 
 light goes off). If using frozen vegetables, thaw to room temperatrure 
 first. Mix thoroughly and serve with whole wheat pita bread or fat-free
 tortillas, chapaties.
 6 servings, each has 454 Calories, Fat: 2.997 g., (6% calories from fat), 
 Carbohydrate: 100.2 g., Protein  9.156 g.  
 Notes: If you forget to add the veggies at the right time, no fear. 
 Just nuke them a few minutes and then mix them into the cooked rice.
 They taste better when steamed in the good flavors, but the dish is
 fine either way.  You can use more veggies, (I like more) and have 
 an even more low fat dish. In the proportion above, non-vegetarians 
 seem to like it best. Also be careful with the yellow color that the 
 tumeric imparts. It isn't an easy stain to get out.
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