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vegetable-biryani recipe

Date:    Thu, 02 Jun 94 14:30:39 EDT
 From:    bammi@cadence.com (jwahar r. bammi)
 ) 	Vegetable Biryani
 	this is easy. parboil good rice (not the supermarket junk rice, get a
 nice basmati -- most indians seem to favor elephant brand). water sautee
 your favorite veges, but dont make them soft. add roated cumin, very little
 turmeric, cayenne pepper and garam masala (i usually mixes the spices and dry
 roated together before adding to veges). in a large pan with a lid layer
 rice/vege/rice (and repeat as needed). Stick a in few potatoes, a few sticks
 of cinnamon, a few black cardamoms, and many cloves of garlic, and some
 curry leaves. On top pour in saffron dissolved in skim milk. Add about 1/4
 to 1/2 cup water. Secure and seal the lid (i seal by sticking dough right
 around the lid). bake in oven at medium (350 or so) for about an hour (just
 when you are ready to eat take it out). Its great and FF!!
 (i like to bake it enough to get some burnt rice at the bottom of the pan.
 you may want to spray the pan lightly with PAM to make it easier to get the
 burnt rice out)
 kwlacto lacto