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tandoori-beans recipe

Date:     Thu, 25 May 95 14:05:05 PDT
 From: "Diane Carpenter" (Diane.Carpenter@Forsythe.Stanford.EDU)
 The question about the fat content of curry paste caught my eye, as
 I've recently discovered that another Indian condiment/spice -
 tandoori paste - works fabulously with black beans.  The tandoori
 paste I have is Patak's.  I checked out the ingredient list, and
 there's no oil listed.  At Whole Foods I saw a "Mild" version of the
 brand I use; again, no oil listed, but this version was labelled as
 having 30 calories/10 CFF per serving.  (I think a serving is 1
 tablespoon).  Anyway, tandoori paste is very spicey and vinegary, so
 a little goes a long way.
 Here's what I tried:  (Makes about 4 servings)
 Tandoori Beans
 1 Tbsp. chopped garlic
 7 mushrooms, sliced
 1 yellow onion, diced
 2 cans Westbrae black beans, drained
 1 two- or three-inch cube lf tofu, crumbled
 2 Tbsp. tandoori paste, or to taste
 red pepper, to taste
 Saute garlic, mushrooms, and onion in 1/4 cup water.  Add black
 beans, simmer 5-10 mins.  Crumble tofu over mixture.  Add tandoori
 paste and red pepper (if desired); stir in.  Cook over low heat 5-10
 mins.  Note:  Tandoori paste is a very un-subtle pink in hue.  It
 definitely affects the color of this dish, esp. the tofu.  Tastes
 great, though!  Serve with ww chapati or tortillas.
 This dish goes *really* well with Cucumber Vinaigrette (recipe can
 be found in "The McDougall Program: 12 Days to Dynamic Health").
 kwvegan vegan
 kwvegan vegan