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rice-ramen-curry recipe

Date:    Sun, 19 Sep 93 22:03:06 EDT
 From:    dp661@cleveland.freenet.edu (Dr. Neal Pinckney)
 Ruth's Rice Ramen Curry  (RECIPE)  
 Recipe' being held by the Honolulu Advertiser (the morning 
 newspaper here). Since it's vegan, VLF and interesting, I'll
 quote the entire article verbatim:  (permision not asked)
 Curry dish is a super-healthy and tasty recipe
 by Patsy Matsumura, Advertiser Food Editor         (9/15/93)      
 Ruth's Rice Ramen Curry is a super-healthy recipe created by 
 Ruth Heidrich, who holds national and international records in
 "This dish came about because I needed a carbohydrate-based 
 diet to support my Iron-man-level triathlon training regimen," 
 she explained. "It's not only tasty and economical, but it's 
 high in fiber, low in fat and contains no cholesterol. It 
 combines the best in grains, pasta and greens and is a snap to 
 make - only 3 or 4 minutes of your time."
 A vegetarian, Heidrich is not only consious of her diet, but 
 she also tries to help others to improve their eating habits. 
 This dish meets nearly all your daily requirements for 
 protein, vitamins and minerals.
 "When I take my Rice Ramen Curry to potluck parties, everyone 
 likes it, even the kids," she said. "When I first offered the 
 dish to my four grandchildren in Washington, D.C., they were 
 reluctant, but once they tried it, they loved it."
 Heidrich is author of "A Race For Life."
 1 package ramen noodles
 1 cup cilantro (Chinese parsely), chopped
 1/2 cup raisins
 4 cups cooked brown rice
 1 tablespoon curry powder
 Cook a pot of rice in your rice cooker. Break up the ramen 
 noodles in the package with the heel of your hand. Open 
 package and mix the crushed noodles with the brown rice. Add 
 the spice package that comes with the ramen, and the remaining 
 This can be served hot or cold. Makes 4 to 6 servings.
 NOTE: Depending on the brand of instant noodles (ramen) used, this may
 or may not have significant fat.  Use your own judgement.
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