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raita-2 recipe

From: dwilmot@crl.com (Dick Wilmot)
 Newsgroups: alt.food.fat-free
 Date: 21 May 1995 21:46:08 -0700
 This seemed to be a success at a party Saturday:
 	32 oz non-fat yogurt		1 cup rice
 	1 cucmber			1 sweet red bell pepper
 	2 cups peas			2 green onions
 	1/2 bunch cilantro		1 tsp. cumin
 	1 cup raisins
 Boil rice until done. Add raisins before it's quite done.
 Mince onion into salad bowl. Cut cucumber lengthwise into eight spears
 then chop into small pieces and add to bowl. Finely chop red pepper
 and cilantro into same bowl. Add rest of ingredients to bowl along
 with rice and mix thoroughly. I used brown rice last time but would
 switch to basmati next time. Also some recipes call for dijon mustard
 but I thought that might be French so I left it out.
 Serves four as a side dish or three if a main dish. It is a bit tart
 so I've considered adding a bit of sugar as I think the tartness is
 supposed to make it cut the fat from a meat or other fat dish - though
 the tartness might go well with a hot day - which Saturday wasn't
 here. I think it turned out well and was popular among omnivores.  
 kwlacto lacto