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raita recipe

Date:    Wed, 10 Nov 93 08:15:19 CST
 From:    mindy.s.mymudes@uwrf.edu
 Scallion and Cucumber Raita
 1 cup nonfat plain yogurt
 2-3 tbsp skim milk or sub 
 1 cup diced cucumber
 2 scallions, chopped
 1/2 tsp sugar
 1/4 cup roasted and crushed cumin seeds
 pinch chili powder
 freshly ground black pepper
 Beat yogurt and milk lightly together in a bowl until smooth. Add cukes,
 scallions, sugar, and half the cumin seeds, mixing well. Sprinkle chili powder
 over surface of the raita, then draw an inner circle in the same way with
 black pepper and sprinkle remaining cumin seeds in center. Be creative...
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