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garam-masala recipe

Date:    Fri, 03 Dec 93 06:23:26 EST
 From:    jf_adams@unhf.unh.edu (Jon Adams - Grad School)
 5 tsp coriander seeds   1 Tbsp. cumin seeds     1 Tbsp black peppercorns
 1 tsp whole cloves      1 tsp cinnamon          1 tsp green cardomon pods
 toast coriander and cumin seeds for 3-5 min.  combine w/other ingredients and
 grind in mortar/pestle (or blender which works great for me).  Store in a
 bottle for up to 6 months.  This is a great spice mixture!  But normly I don't
 have those spices on hand so I cook without it.  But you might consider it
 worth investing in as its a neat combination of spices for cooking.
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