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dal recipe

Date:    Tue, 11 Oct 94 14:15:00 EDT
 From:    Lauren Bednarcyk (saslab@unx.sas.com)
 As promised, here's my modified Laurel's Kitchen Dal recipe.
 1.5 cups yellow or green split peas
 1   tsp  salt
 1        onion
 .5       green pepper
 1   tsp  tumeric
 .5  tsp  curry powder
 1.5 tsp  black mustard seeds
          juice of 1 lemon
 Boil the yellow split peas in 2 cups water for about 30
 minutes--until they are tender but not so long that they 
 lose their shape.  They should be rather dry, like mashed 
 potatoes, but keep an eye on them.  You may need to add a 
 little more water along the way.  Stir in salt.  While the 
 peas are cooking chop onion and green pepper.  Combine with 
 tumeric and curry powder and set aside.
 Heat up a heavy pan with a lid.  When it is very hot, add mustard 
 seed and cover.  The seeds will pop noisily; shake the pan during
 this process to make sure they don't burn. (Traditionally, you do 
 the seed popping in oil.  It works without, but you need to be
 ready to add the next ingredients quickly.)  When the sound quiets
 down, add the onion mixture and a little water for saute.  Saute
 until onion is transparent and golden, and then stir this mixture
 into the peas along with the lemon juice. Serve with Chapatis 
 (Indian bread) or over basmati rice, or whatever creative way
 you feel like doing.
 Makes about 4 cups.
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