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curry-spinach recipe

Date:    Mon, 12 Dec 94 15:01:20 EST
 From:    jmhodapp@aplcomm.jhuapl.edu (Hodapp Jonathan M. F3D x3782 )
   Scott's Curry Spinach
 Sautee onions in a pan (use broth, vinegar, or Pam).  When soft, add frozen
 block of chopped spinach (if you were clever enough to thaw it, so much
 the better).  Stir for a minute.  Put in pyrex pan (yes, these recipes are
 brought to you by Pyrex, makers of fine bakeware.  Back over to you, Alex).
 Dump one can of creamed corn on it.  No, creamed corn doesn't have any
 cream, it is just blended.  Douse liberally in curry!  Get good curry bulk from
 an Indian/Oriental market and avoide the McCormick's stuff which is 44$/lb.
 Bake the onions, spinach, and creamed corn (with curry!) for 20 minutes
 on 350 or so.  Serve over basamati rice or just eat out of the pan.  
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