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bombay-aloo recipe

Date:    Wed, 16 Mar 94 12:39:43 EST
 From:    "Elisabeth." (eac9m@poe.acc.virginia.edu)
 simple Bombay Aloo:
 Yellow potatoes, scrubbed and quartered (or eighthed :) depending
 on size)
 a chopped onion
 a handful of fresh or frozen peas
 optional other vegetables might include carrots, cabbage,
 cauliflower, whatever you want
 a good bit of madras curry powder (to taste, maybe starting from
 a teaspoon per estimated serving) -- this kind of curry powder is
 available in almost all grocery stores...the big spice brands
 schilling and mccormick make it, for example
 a big handful of cilantro leaves
 optional garnish : dairy or soy yogurt, raisins
 this comes out great with everything but cilantro and garnish
 cooked in a pressure cooker; otherwise "sautee" the onion and
 curry powder in a little apple cider vinegar, then add the
 potatoes and optional vegetables and a little vegetable broth.
 simmer until the potatoes are almost done; add peas.  simmer
 about five minutes. stir in cilantro; serve immediately with
 yogurt if desired.
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