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hummus-09 recipe

Date:    Mon, 19 Sep 94 10:03:02 PDT
 From:    vmh@intellicorp.com
 Yet another Hummus recipe. But this one turned out so yummee, I 
 can't keep it to myself. It's also quick to make.
 2 cans of chick peas (I use S & W brand)
 2 T lemon juice (or a bit more, if you like lemony hummus)
 a few drops Tabasco sauce for mild spicing, more for serious heat
 4 T cilantro (variable, depending on your taste for greens)
 Drain one can of chick peas completely, the other one such that some
 liquid is left. Put into bowl.
 Add lemon juice. Mince and add cilantro and add Tabasco saucE.  
 Blend until smooth. If hummus is not soft and creamy, then you did
 not leave enough liquid with the chick peas. Add some water or
 lemon juice to make up for it.
 Serve with crackers or use as a spread on Whole Wheat bread.
 kwvegan vegan