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hummus-02 recipe

Date:    Wed, 01 Sep 93 10:03:50 PDT
 From:    Peter_Brooks (pb@hpocia.sj.hp.com)
   1 can chickpeas (14 fl oz; circa 300 grams drained)
   2 TBS lemon juice
   1 clove garlic
   Coriander (or other herbs) to taste
 Throw all into a food processor, and whirl until you get a paste of the
 desired consistancy.  I usually rinse the canned beans to get rid of the
 extra salt.  Depending on how well it's been drained, I might need to add
 a couple extra TBS of water.  On the other hand, I also like it a little dry,
 so when I get that urge, I'll forgo the extra water and process it so that
 it's a little chunky.
 Hope this helps; I've been using this for lunches for a couple of months
 now, and love it.
 kwvegan vegan