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shiitake-spelt recipe

Date:    Fri, 04 Jun 93 20:02:14 BST
 From:    Dennis Furey (df@doc.imperial.ac.uk)
 Subject: grain dish recipes
    1/2 cup      spelt grain
  1 2/3 cups     water
      1 pinch    coriander seed
      1 whisper  carob powder (optional)
    1-2 tbs      shoyu
      7          dried shiitake mushrooms
 Spelt is an ancient European grain similar to wheat but with a more interesting
 flavor. It is popular among people with an intolerance for wheat. If you can't
 get it in the States I might know a place here that does mail order. Shoyu is
 another word for soy sauce, used to distinguish the good stuff from the mass
 market variety. Tamari can be substituted for it.
 Soak the shiitake mushrooms in shoyu and water to cover for between half an
 hour and an hour.
 Put the soaking water from the mushrooms and additional water to make 1 2/3
 cups in a pressure cooker with the spelt and coriander. 
 Cut the mushrooms into small pieces and discard the stems (or eat them while
 you're cutting the mushrooms, but they're too tough to cook). Add the mushroom
 pieces to the pressure cooker and pressure cook it for an hour and fifteen
 Boil off any water that's left over when it's done. (This amount of water
 allows a margin for error, because spelt is the only grain in this list that
 won't turn into a porridge if you use too much.) 
 Optionally deposit an invisible amount of carob powder on it for a slightly
 sweeter taste. Don't over do it or you'll obliterate the flavor.
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