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pumpkin-millet recipe

Date:    Fri, 04 Jun 93 20:02:14 BST
 From:    Dennis Furey (df@doc.imperial.ac.uk)
 Subject: grain dish recipes
    1/2 cup      millet grain
      1 cup      diced pumpkin
      2 tbs      thyme
      2 cups     water
 Wash and drain the millet thoroughly, and then dry roast it until it's smoking
 and well browned, which may not be for about ten minutes. (See the notes on dry
 roasting grains.) Cut part of a pumpkin shell into roughly cubic pieces. Either
 orange or green pumpkins are ok, the sweeter the better. Combine it with the
 roasted millet, thyme, and water, and pressure cook it for 25 minutes. This
 recipe might also work with boiling for 35 minutes rather than pressure
 cooking, though I haven't tried it that way. My former flatmate Jo Weir
 deserves the credit for this one and partial credit for the previous one.
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