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millet-mashed-potatoes recipe

Date:    Tue, 01 Jun 93 14:20:01 EDT
 From:    tara@starburst.umd.edu (Tara McDermott)
 I alwasy tend to crave the "heartier" foods, so I made this up for
 lunch.  The millet cauliflower puree is from Friendly Foods, as is the
 gravy, which has been modified so much, I should say it's my own
 recipe.  There is no added fat (unless you count the small amount of
 miso), but it's rich tasting and great!  Tell me what you think of it.
 Millet "Mashed Potatoes"
 1 cup millet
 2 cups cauliflower, in small pieces
 3 cups water
 Salt and pepper to taste
 Optional: garlic powder, dill, or any other spices you like
 In a medium-large saucepan, combine all ingredients and bring to a
 boil.  Cover, and lower to a simmer for 45 minutes.  Check when there
 is about 20 minutes left.  You probably have to add a 1/2 cup more
 water (I always do) to prevent it from burning.  You may even only
 want to cook it for 40 minutes.  When done, mash with a potato masher
 or leave as is.
 I think this is delicious on its own, but some of you may like this
 Country Gravy
 1 medium onion, sliced thin
 Roughly 1 Tbsp. diced garlic, or a little less
 1 veg. bouillion cube, no salt added
 1/4 cup white unbleached flour
 1/4 cup nutritional yeast
 2 tsp. miso (make sure it's a light, sweet miso, not a dark one)
 Salt to taste (if needed)
 1/4-1/2 tsp. black pepper
 1 1/2-2 cups water
 Saute onion, garlic and bouillion cube in some of the water until
 soft.  Add the rest of the ingredients, with small additions of flour
 and water each, slowly, so as to avoid large lumps.  Stir constantly
 until it all bubbles and is an even consistency.  Serve immediately.
 Note:  I found that this is fairly thick, so you may or may not want
 to thin it out a little bit.  Add water first, then more seasonings:
 salt, nut. yeast, and maybe miso.
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