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lawsons-multi-grain recipe

Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 11:14:40 -0400
From: James Wilkins (jwilkins@cov.com)

This is my version of a mixed grain salad I had at Lawsons, one of the many
gourmet-to-go lunch places in Washington, D.C. The ingredients are not based
on scientific principle, so feel free to add/remove/alter them as you please. I
realize the directions are a little vague but sometimes (when I get lazy) I make
this with ready-made products rather than bulk--which affects how you cook the

Lawsons Multi-Grain

2 cups wild rice
1 cup barley
2 boxes of couscous (or equivalent)
1 cup bulgar wheat
3 green onions
1 medium package of dried cranberries

Cook rice, barley and couscous. Soak bulgar wheat. When all are ready,
put together in a big bowl. Stir in cut green onion and dried
cranberries last so they do not get overcooked or rehydrated. You may
need to add water if it gets too thick.

This tastes better after sitting overnight so that all the flavors blend.

I had a friend suggest adding yoghurt and more dried fruit to make this a
breakfast meal.

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