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grain-melange recipe

Date:    Tue, 05 Apr 94 13:04:13 PDT
 From:    gloria@mri.mri.com
 Another great use for a rice cooker:
 Grain Melange
 1-1/2 parts	Brown rice
 1/2 part	Wild rice 
 1 part		Lentils
 1 part		Instant dried black beans*
 1/2 - 1+ tsp	Caraway seeds
 1/2 - 1+ tsp	Fennel seeds
 1		Green onion, chopped
 Put all ingredients in the rice cooker.  Add
 water according to your rice cooker instructions
 (I usually add extra water when I cook brown
 rice in the rice cooker).
 * The instant dried black beans are available
 at your local health food store.
 To serve:  I have added bottled salsa to this
 mixture and had a delicious meal.  I've also
 added pasta and vegetables.
 kwvegan vegan