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grain-combo recipe

Date:    Tue, 15 Feb 94 08:07:00 PST
 From:    sally charette                       (ECZ5SCC@MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU)
 Grain Combo
 1/4 cup mixed brown and wild rices
 1/4 cup pearl barley
 1/4 cup rye
 1/4 cup lentils (admittedly not a grain!)
 I toss them in the steamer for the same about of time as I'd cook brown rice.
 The lentils kind of dissolve among the grains, giving a good background flavor.
 My high-fat-but-beginning-to-take-note older brother loved the taste of this
 mix without anything on it.  Me too!  I used it for a breakfast cereal, under
 stir-steamed veggies, and in an impromtu soup.
 kwvegan vegan