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cabbage-grains recipe

Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 10:45:12 EST
From: Cookwie@aol.com
Message-ID: (25.36c97d5.260ce788@aol.com)

I had some leftover shredded cabbage and lentils with brown rice in the 
fridge. Was wondering what to do with them when my 13 year old daughter 
offered to make dinner (I was correcting exam papers). Well, she never did 
(she ended up being on the phone and snacking). Now it's dinner time and DH 
is coming home starved. I had just minutes to create a dinner that would be 
satisfying and VLF. In this case, I made my portion FF.  Both of my children 
smelled it cooking and asked for a taste even though they were aggravated 
that it contained cabbage. They both ate a fair portion of DH's meal.

Cabbage & Grains

shredded cabbage mixed with carrot shreds 
leftover cooked brown rice and lentils or millet
soy sauce (low sodium)

Spray pan with Pam type spray. Quickly saute the cabbage and grains. Stir 
frequently and in about 3 mins. splash on some soy sauce. Stir some more and 

The rice and lentils were tastier than the millet and that DH's portion was 
stir fried in a tsp. of olive oil and he also had some bread with the meal. 
He was happy and asked for an encore the next night. That's when I used the 
millet. We both agreed that the rice and lentils were better, but the millet 
was still passable. 

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