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basil-oats recipe

Date:    Fri, 04 Jun 93 20:02:14 BST
 From:    Dennis Furey (df@doc.imperial.ac.uk)
    1/2 cup      whole oats (a.k.a. groats)
    1-2 tbs      basil
      2          cloves
      1 tbs      pumpkin seeds (optional but worth it)
      1 handfull dulse
  1 7/8 cups     water
 Wash the oats and dry roast them until they're golden brown and have a fruity
 smell. In addition to improving the taste, the roasting seems to prevent a lot
 of slimy stuff from glorping out of the pressure cooker valve during cooking.
 (If you have that problem anyway, try mixing in a small amount of brown rice
 next time.)
 Dulse is a red sea vegetable sometimes found in Irish pubs, that turns green
 when cooked. Carefully wash the barnacles and other foreign material out of it.
 Put the roasted oats, washed dulse, water, and cloves in a pressure cooker and
 pressure cook them for 45 minutes.
 While that's cooking, dry roast the pumpkin seeds until they get lightly
 browned. It should take less than five minutes. The green Chinese ones are
 good. This recipe sort of works without them and is lower in fat, but it's
 twice as good if you leave them in.
 When the oats are finished cooking, combine them with the pumpkin seeds and
 basil. (acknowledgements to Gaye Emmanuel for suggesting basil)
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