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wild-rice-salad recipe

Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 02:34:58 -0700
From: Kathleen (schuller@ix.netcom.com)
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I've wanted a good recipe for a wild rice salad for a long time and when I
tasted this the other day I knew I had finally found what I wanted.  I
switched the vegetables around a little bit, using more red bell pepper and
corn for color and eliminating the tomatoes and green beans.

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                             Wild Rice Salad

Recipe By     : Eat More, Weigh Less, by Dean Ornish, page 170
Serving Size  : 4    Preparation Time :0:00
Categories    : Main Dishes, Vegetarian          Salads, Main Dish
                Ornish:  Eat More, Weigh Less    Grains And Cereals

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
   2      cups          wild rice, cooked
     1/2  cup           cooked corn kernels
     1/2  cup           diced red bell pepper
     1/2  cup           chopped tomato
     1/4  cup           cooked green peas
     1/4  cup           diced red onion
     1/4  cup           green beans
                        cut into pieces and cooked
   4      tablespoons   frozen apple juice concentrate
   2      tablespoons   red wine vinegar
   2      tablespoons   chopped fresh basil
   1      tablespoon    chopped fresh parsley
   1      tablespoon    chopped fresh tarragon
   1      tablespoon    fresh lime juice
                        Freshly ground black pepper

This bright array of color is an easy-to-make, tasty, and very satisfying
salad.  You can prepae and refrigerate it for a few hours before serving.
Try it as part of a salad plate with Pumpkin Salad and the Roasted and
Rustic Sweet Peppers.  It could also be served as part of brunch with
Scrambled Mexican Tofu and salsa.

Makes 4 cups.  Serves 4 to 6.

In a large bowl. combine all the ingredients. Toss well and season to taste
with freshly ground black pepper and salt.

Serving size = 1 cup, 175 calories, 0.8 gram fat, 0 milligrams cholesterol,
30.6 milligrams sodium without added salt

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