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tabbouli-8 recipe

Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 05:52:36 -0600
From: steelman (steelman@execpc.com)

I've been using this one for years, and my family and I have been well
pleased with it.

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Recipe By     : Merle Steelman (Adapted from Pritkin Diet for Runners:)
Serving Size  : 4    Preparation Time :0:40
Categories    : Salads                           Family Approved

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
     1/2  cup           bulgur -- uncooked
   1      cup           water -- boiling
   1 1/2  tablespoons   lemon juice -- freshly squeezed
     1/2  tablespoon    balsamic vinegar
     1/2  teaspoon      soy sauce
   2      cloves        garlic -- minced
          dash          cayenne
     1/2  cup           green onions -- thinly sliced
     1/2  cup           parsley -- chopped
     1/4  cup           mint leaves -- chopped
   1                    tomato -- diced

Put the bulgur in a bowl and pour boiling water over it.  Let soak for
30 minutes.
Combine the lemon juice, vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and cayenne in a
small jar with a tight-fitting lid, and shake vigorously to blend; set
dressing aside.
Drain the bulgur and combine it with the green onions, parsley, mint,
and tomato.  Pour dressing over the salad, and toss well.

Serve Chilled.

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