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tabbouli-4 recipe

Date:    Tue, 01 Feb 94 11:29:47 EST
 From:    dean@underground.irhe.upenn.edu (Kareema Dean)
 Soak the bulghur in water with some garlic powder and dried mint(according
 to ratio directions on package)  Mint should be on the heavy side...
 something like 1 tblsp or more to 1 cup wheat (unsoaked)
 Chop very fine:
 Ratios to your taste
 Cuke (peeled)
 parsley (I use just a little... many countries like Lebanon have more
 parsley than bulghur!)
 Mix all the veggies with the bulghur 
 mix in a cup lemon juice (1/4 c to 2 cups bulghur... or there abouts) salt,
 cumin, dash of coriander and some cayenne.  (the traditional recipe calls
 for olive oil)
 Pour over salad and toss well... taste and adjust seasoning.  Let it sit
 for at least 2 hours before eating.  The longer the better!  serve on a bed
 of lettuce and Eat with pita!  Yum!!!
 kwvegan vegan