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Date:    Fri, 01 Oct 93 11:13:54 PDT
 From:    J. Ari Kornfeld (ari@sibari.isl.sri.com)
   A while back my mother, who was told by her Md to go Ornish, made a
 three grain salad from Dr. O's second book.  It was really great and I
 couldn't stop eating it the entire trip (4 days).  Last night I made a
 version of it that cuts preparation time from 2 hours to under 40
 minutes (two-thirds reduction!) and tastes even better than the
 original. (I also cut the recipe in half because 10 servings is a bit
 much for me...)
   So here goes:
 FRUITED GRAIN SALAD (five servings)
 4-1/2 cups water
 1/2 cup   uncooked wheat berries (soft wheat)
 1/2 cup   uncooked pearl barley
 1/2 cup   uncooked brown rice (I used Lungrens "California Trilogy")
 2 TB      cider vinegar
 1 TB      lemon juice 
 1/2 tsp   salt
 1-1/2cups raisins
 1/2 cup   finely minced scallions or chives
 small handful cilantro, shredded
 1 medium  green apple (tart)
 1 medium  peach
 2 TB      fennel seeds
 - Mix three grains and rinse.
 - Cook grains and water in pressure cooker at high pressure for 25 minutes
 - Release pressure immediately (use cold water if no release valve.)
 - Drain, pour grains into bowl, stir in remaining ingredients
 - Chill and serve
 Mollie Katzen (author of the original recipe) suggests leaving the
 apple and peach out and mixing in right before serving.
 The 2TB fennel seeds is a guess.  I just sprinkled a thin layer and
 mixed it in.  The fennel is the key to this modification.
 I got my fennel seed in the *tea* section of a health food store.
 Save the liquid from the grain cooking.  It would probably make a good
 base for a veggie soup broth.  (any ideas?)
 kwvegan vegan