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yams recipe

Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 01:45:21 -0500 (EST)
From: SRIR@aol.com


Here is a delicious way to eat yams or sweet potatoes.

4-5 yams
Cinammon, to taste
Nutmeg, to taste
Dash of orange juice, more as needed
Fat-free vanilla yogurt (optional)

Cook yams in skin.  Easiest way I know is in microwave: clean off skins with
brush, wrap each yam in paper towel to absorb moisture and cook several at
the same time, turning once, after about 10 minutes.  Cook until soft.

Let yams cool. Peel and put all except peelings in food processor.  Add some
orange juice so mixture mixes well, as well as spices.  Becomes like pudding.
 Can also add yogurt for a fluffier texture.  So good hot or cold.  Really
creamy.  Very healthy and versatile!  Experiment with other added ingredients
(apple juice, pineapple, what else?). Enjoy! 

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