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veggie-stirfry recipe

Date:    Sat, 11 Sep 93 21:45:16 PDT
 From:    Dick Wilmot (dwilmot@holonet.net)
 Tonight I did fresh veggie stir fry and it was much better. The secret was
 a non-fresh thing: frozen ginger root.
 bunch of green onions
 grated frozen ginger root (it keeps nicely frozen)
 large red (Bell?) pepper
 serrano chile
 poblano chile
 1 white onion
 some sage
 some cilantro
 1 can water chestnuts
 about 1.5 pounds fresh green beans
 1 pound fresh Zucchini squash (some little ones and a piece of a big one)
 a few onces balsamic vinegar
 some basil leaf
 1 large bok choy
 1 large glass of tap water (or bottled if you don't use your tap)
 Saute the green onions in balsamic vinegar in a large fry pan until they
 start to carmelize (taking the bite out) then smother with chopped (in
 large pieces) white onion. While this is smothering, start the wok going
 with water in bottom. Add the chiles to the onions in the fry pan. As the wok
 begins to boil add veggies by cutting into pieces over the wok then add
 the onions and grate the garlic. Add spices. Cover wok on medium heat but
 watch it very carefully. Don't let it run dry (using no oil means instant
 ruination if the water in the bottom runs out). You want the veggie enzymes
 killed but I hate mushy vegetables so you want to stop the processjust
 before the veggies aren't crisp.
 I applied liberal amounts of Kikkoman Lite soy sauce to my portion.
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