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veggie-finocchio recipe

Date:    Fri, 06 Aug 93 21:43:30 CDT
 From:    Lu Bozinovich  (U33754@UICVM.UIC.EDU)
 Veggie Finocchio Dish  (for 1 :))
 (I know of finocchio from an Italian friend, it looks like a bulbous stalk
 of celery with fine dill like tendrils at the top, its flavor is one of anise,
 it is also called fennel and used in making dried fennel, but has a ligher
 flavor when fresh).  Remember Good 'n Plenty, :), not that strong.
 1 organic leek, therefore much narrower in diameter than the typical
 1 wedge Vidalia onion (yellow onion)
 2 cups sediment from your last bean or lentil boil, or 2 cups soup stock
 8 or so okra pods
 6 or so shitake mushrooms
 1/4 red bell pepper
 1/3 of a bunch of spinach, the fresher and younger the better
 black pepper
 lemon wedge
 Preparation:  Slice the leek (mostly just the white part), and chop onion
 fine, simmer in with the 2 cups lentil stock.  Slice or chop thin pieces of the
 finocchio, including part of the dill like tendrils, and getting down near
 the base if you can, use as much as you can handle, about equal to the amount
 of leek/onions you used.  Add this to the simmering stock.  Chop okra,
 discarding the stems, and add this to the stock.  Chop shitake mushrooms,
 discard stems (or eat while cooking), leave a few whole caps, add to stock.
 By this time, the stock will begin to thicken, so lower flame when the stock
 gets reduced to your favorite consistency (stew like thick for me).  It
 needs some color now, so add semi-finely chopped red bell pepper.  Continue
 to simmer at low heat with the lid on the pot---almost done.  Quit within a
 few minutes, or when the red pepper is to your liking.  Let the dish cool,
 helped along by adding torn pieces of spinach leaves, and baby spinach leaves,
 and stir this in.  Note, the dish is no longer on the flame.  Spice with black
 pepper, and a squeezed wedge of lemon.  Garnish with thinly sliced finocchio.
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