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veg-kababs recipe

Date:    Wed, 04 May 94 14:14:11 PDT
 From:    J. Ari Kornfeld (ari@sibari.isl.sri.com)
 VEGE-KABOS /vej' ka bobz/
   I noticed a bunch of tofu-based kabobs.  Well, here's a non-tofu
 version that is filling and tasty for us non-tofu eating folk.
   Absolute must use:
   - cherry tomatoes
   - small red new potatoes
   - mushrooms
   - pearl onions
   Additional items
   - bell peppers
   - various summar squash (courgettes?)
   - radish-like stuff:  turnips, rutabagas, black radish
   Microwave the potatoes (peirse potatoes with fork, as usual)  and
 pearl onions to partially cook them. 
   Chop the bigger potatoes, mushrooms and additional items to an
 appropriate size 
   Put the whole thing in a big bowl with your favortie marinade.
   Refridgerate (mixing periodically) until the BBQ is ready then
 assemble all the veges on a skewer (get your guests to do this ;-) and
   The BBQ tomatoes are wonderful!
   Simple marinades:
   juice of one lemon
   juice of four oranges (around 3/4 cup????)
   lemon up seafood seasoning (found in Lucky's:  salt, garlic, onion,
     pepper, mustard, oregano, oil of lemon, parsley flakes, and
    soy sauce
    orange juice
    herbs & spices
 kwvegan vegan