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surinamese-indian-pumpkin recipe

Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 23:15:07 -0700
From: "Boxel" (boxel@sr.net)

For about 40% of the population of Surinam the ancestors came from
India. Of course that has a great effect on the Surinamese kitchen. 

A weekday meal can be: brown rice, vegetables and
cucumber and tomato

Surinamese Indian pumpkin

1    onion
    garlic (optional)
1 bouillon cube
    a small amount curry
    black pepper
pumpkin, cut in cubes

1    Simmer the onion, add after a few minutes the garlic,
the curry powder and the bouillon cube
2    Add the pumpkin cubes, stirr and put after a few the
lid on the pot. Add after a few minutes some water. Again:
in the end hardly any liquid should be left.
3    Cook the pumpkin till done. Stir heaviy. I prefer a
saucelike dish with still recognizable pumkin cubes in it,
but lits of people here stit till it is a puree.

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