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summer-veggies recipe

Date:    Wed, 10 Aug 94 07:24:35 EST
 From:    "Kreider, Thomas R" (tkreider@smtp-gw.census.gov)
  This is very simple, fast, & yummy as a side dish, or if you like serve it 
  over spiral pasta for a main dish (just add more stock for a sauce).
  Tom's Summer Veggies (serves 4-6)
  2 yellow squash
  2 green zucchini
  2 red tomatoes
  1 large onion
  veg stock for saut?ing
  basil, oregano, pepper to taste
  salt (just a touch) optional
  saut? thinly sliced onion until almost clear.  add sliced squash & 
  zucchini  when almost done add tomatoes wedges and herbs.  stir and saut? 
  until tomatoes are heated.
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