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summer-aubergine recipe

Date:    Fri, 24 Sep 93 18:16:11 EDT
 From:    Christina Hulbe (chulbe@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu)
 Summer Aubergine
      serves two
 1     medium     eggplant, about 2 Cups sliced 1 cm thick
 2     Tbsp       salt  (or garlic salt)
 5     cloves     garlic, peeled and minced, divided (3 and 2)
 1     large      tomato, diced
 1/2              green bell pepper, diced
 1/2              medium chili (Anaheim, New Mexico, etc), finely
 1/4   Cup        yellow onion, diced
 1/2   Cup        parsley, flat or curly leaf, finely minced
 1     tsp        coriander, dry, ground
 1/2   tsp        salt
 1                lemon, juiced
 Slice eggplant and sprinkle both sides with the 2 Tbsp salt.  Set aside
 on a plate to sweat for at least 30 minutes.
 Rinse eggplant slices and cut into 1 cm dice.  Mix eggplant with 3 cloves
 minced garlic.  Saute eggplant in a small amount of water until very soft.
 If a grill is available, seal the eggplant and garlic with 2 Tbsp water
 in aluminum foil and cook over coals until soft.
 Allow to cool.
 Mix together cooled eggplant and remaining ingredients.  Allow to rest
 15-20 minutes before serving at room temperature.
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