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stir-fry-vegetables recipe

Date:    Tue, 05 Jul 94 15:28:38 EDT
 From:    Lucinda Rasmussen (lrasmuss@PICA.ARMY.MIL)
 When I hve a recipe that calls for stir-frying, I actually just STEAM
 the vegetables in a steel steamer (placed in a covered saucepan that will
 fit it).  Then drain when just tender crisp (2-5 minutes) and rinse with
 cold water.  THEN, I put the steamed vegetables in a large non-stick
 pan, heat on medium-high, and when they are just getting hot I put in the
 This adds an extra step, but I have really bad luck with stir-frying, even
 with non-fat liquids.  Nothing ever seems to come out consistently -- some
 vegetables are still too raw or overcooked.
 Also, I find the secret to getting nice vegetables and sauce dishes 
 (especially those of an Oriental flavor) is to add a bit of cornstarch
 mixed until smooth with a little cold water.  THis thickens it all and makes
 the sauce stick to the vegetables.
 My typical sauce (T) for vegetables is:
 3 T low sodium soy sauce
 1 T sherry
 1 T cornstarch dissolved in 3 T cold water
 1 T honey or sugar (optional)
 garlic powder and/or ginger powder to taste
      Mix well just before pouring over vegetables in skillet/wok.  Stir
 sauce and vegetables quickly to cover.  Sauce will thicken quickly -- add
 more water if it thickened too quickly.
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