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spinach-roll recipe

Date:    Mon, 30 May 94 20:38:38 EDT
 From:    Patricia Thorp (thorp@pobox.upenn.edu)
 Spinach Roll
 10 sheets phyllo (oil-free)
 2 cloves garlic minced
 1 t chopped basil (I used the dry kind)
 1 package frozen spinach (the boxed kind)
 1/4 C bread crumbs
 1 T parmesan (I used regular because I think the ff kind is foul, but to
 	each his own..)
 cooking spray
 5 T ricotta (fat-free)
 5 t mozzarella (fat-free)
 I nuked the spinach 5 minutes on high, and while it was doing, I sauted  the
 garlic in a skillet. When the spinach was done, I added it, the bread crumbs,
 the parmesan, the pepper, and the basil. When the water was pretty much gone,
 I cut the phyllo sheets in half, then lay down one sheet, sprayed with a little
 spray, put down another sheet, sprayed, until four half sheets were down. Then
 I took 1/5 of the spinach mixture, then put on a tablespoon of the ricotta,
 and a teaspoon of the mozzarella. Then I rolled it, sprayed it once more 
 lightly, then started on the next "roll." Then I baked em until they were
 golden at about 350. They came out pretty good too.
 kwlacto lacto