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spinach-matzah-bake recipe

Date:    Fri, 04 Mar 94 10:18:48 EST
 From:    TAUB@vaxvmsx.babson.edu
 2 lb. spinach, steamed with 1 chopped onion, drained and chopped
 	(or use 2 pkgs. frozen chopped spinach thawed and seasoned with onion)
 3 matzah squares, softened briefly in water
 Egg Beaters=3 eggs
 4 oz. grated fatfree Cheddar type cheese
 salt and pepper to taste
 Beat Egg Beaters with desired seasonings.  Dip 1 matzah in mixture and place
 in bottom of Pam-sprayed square casserole.  Spread with 1/2 of spinach/onion
 mixture and 1/3 of grated cheese. Repeat.  Last layer should be cheese.
 Make sure to use all of Egg Beater mixture.  Bake @ 375 35-40 mins. or
 until browned on top.  Let it stand a few minutes before cutting.
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