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spicy-broccoli recipe

Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 12:52:42 EDT
From: (RubyTues59@aol.com)

Was leafing through the July Prevention magazine and was inspired by a recipe
they had for broccoli rabe.  Mixed up the following and my enthusiasm prompted
my older, veggie-hating child to ask to taste it - he ended up eating half of
what I made.  I've never been so happy NOT to have leftovers for lunch!  Spice
measurements are approximate - I was just fooling around.  ;)

Spicy Broccoli

10oz pkg. frozen, chopped broccoli
3oz (dry measure) wagon wheel, orrechiete or similar pasta, cooked
1/2t lemon pepper
1/2t garlic powder (would be even better w/fresh garlic)
1/2t mustard powder

Defrost the broccoli by your preferred method (I like to nuke the package for
4 minutes and let it sit until I'm ready for it.  Keeps that gorgeous green
color.), cook your pasta and then mix it with the undrained broccoli and
spices.  That's it - and my son and I polished it off.  No sauce was necessary
and it was so good I can't even tell you.  Please let me know what you

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