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roasted-vegetables recipe

Date:    Sat, 20 Nov 93 23:12:39 CST
 Subject: Roasted Vegetables
 This is a first-generation modification of a roasting technique that
 used oil and butter.  The original recipe/technique was in Organic
 Gardening Magazine 5 or 6 years ago.
 	Roastable Vegetables and Cooking Periods (475 deg. F. oven)
 _Longest Cook (35 minutes)_		Leeks (parboiled)
 					Okra (whole)
 Beets					Pearl onions (whole)
 Onions					Peas (in pods; trim stem and tail)
 Potatoes				Peppers (quartered lengthwise and
 Sweet Potatoes				  seeded)
 Turnips					Summer squash (sections)
 Rutabagas				Zucchini (sections)
 _Medium Cook (20 minutes)_		_Short Cook (5 minutes)_
 Brussels sprouts			Cabbage (parboiled; cut in wedges)
 Carrots					Mushrooms (caps)
 Cauliflower (blanched; in florets)
 Fennel (bulb, halved or quartered)
 Garlic (whole cloves, peeled)
 Preparation and size:  
 Peel tough-skinned vegetables and cut large ones into 1 to 1-1/2 x 2-1/2 
 inch pieces.  
 Roasting procedure:
 1.  Preheat oven to 475 deg. F.
 2.  Select your assortment of vegetables and get them ready as described in
 the chart above.  (The article recommended always including cloves of garlic)
 3.  Put about 2 Tablespoons of soy sauce in a shallow non-stick roasting 
 pan - one that will allow all of the vegetables to rest on the bottom of
 the pan.  (I used a light spraying of Pam, but I think I'll skip that the
 next time - I'm not sure it did anything)  Add enough water to barely cover
 the bottom of the pan (it won't stay covered all of the time, but that's 
 fine - we don't want to boil the veggies, just keep things from burning to
 the pan).
 4.  Add your choice of vegetables from the Longest-Cook list.  Toss the
 vegetables in the water-soy mixture to moisten.  Put in 475 deg. oven and
 roast for 15 minutes, adding water and turning the vegetables about every 5 
 minutes as needed.  
 5.  Add your choice of Medium-Cook vegetables.  Sprinkle all of the 
 vegetables with a little soy sauce and freshly ground pepper.  Add water
 as needed.  Roast 15 minutes, adding water and turning the vegetables about
 every 5 minutes as needed.
 6.  Add Short-Cook vegetables, if desired.  Sprinkle all vegetables with a
 little vinegar (to taste - I used brown rice vinegar) and a little Tobasco
 sauce if desired (a few *drops*).  Toss vegetables lightly.  Roast another
 5 minutes, or until all vegetables test crisp-tender.
 To serve:  Arrange vegetables by type (potatoes together, carrots together,
 etc.) on a serving platter or individual plates.  
 To be perfectly honest... mine were arranged randomly.  :-)
 kwvegan vegan