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quick-meal recipe

Date:    Wed, 05 Apr 95 16:03:27 EDT
 From:    "Mike Schelling" (mikes@usnet.us.net)
 Quick Meal
 I love to cook, but I have a couple of problems. 1) I'm tired when I 
 get home from work. 2) I can't cook worth a darn. 
 Every now and then I accidentally invent something that doesn't taste half
 bad. So here's my latest.
 1    Pan of water  
 1    Bag of Success Brown Rice Boil-in-Bag Brown Rice
 1    Can Del Monte Stewed Tomatoes Italian Recipe
 1    Zucchini
 Put pan of water on stove and bring to a boil. Drop Boil-in-bag in water. 
 Cut zucchini into pieces. Size and shape to your taste. To save time do 
 this while water is coming to a boil. Dump tomatoes in another pot along 
 with zucchini and heat up. After ten minutes take everything off the stove 
 and eat.
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